SVHS cable -flex 0.14 mm² - AWG 26

The SVHS10 is a high quality S-VHS cable with internal 2 shielded coax cables to carry luminance and chrominance signals and is ideal for all quality S-VHS interconnects. The 7-strand bare copper conductors of the coax cables ensure a good flexibility of the cable while the twisted tinned copper shielding provides a good shielding from external electrical noise.

Inner Conductors



Available now

  • SVHS10/1 - 100 meter


  • 26 AWG 75 Ohm stranded coaxial
  • 2 x coaxial
  • Braided individual shielding

Cross section

  • Cross section SVHS10 - SVHS cable -flex 0.14 mm² - AWG 26

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Meter indicator

Convenient indication on every meter of cable.

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