We unify our practices, partnerships and products around a single mission, to foster sustainability at scale. We do everything with the environmental aspect in mind.

Bringing production closer to home

Made in Europe

Being able to supply efficiently to our partners is one of our highest priorities at PROCAB. To realize this, we need to challenge ourselves daily to optimize our supply chain and production processes. As a result of this, we can happily announce that more and more cables from our wide product range are entirely manufactured in Europe. This brings production closer to our headquarters in Belgium, where product design, testing and research & development gets carried out.

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PROCAB - Sustainable packaging
Reducing our carbon footprint

Sustainable packaging

Not only the technology inside our solutions is important, we also look into optimizing our distribution process at all times. For the packaging of our products we keep the use of plastic to an absolute minimum and instead opt for a completely naturally biodegradable cardboard.

PROCAB - Developing sustainable solutions
It all begins with the design process

Developing sustainable solutions

We design solutions that last. By performing a very extensive quality control we can offer connections that have a minimal drop-out rate and are therefore more than trustworthy.

PROCAB - Help us improve even further
Listen to your feedback

Help us improve even further

We are not finished yet. It’s important that we keep searching for new ways to decrease our carbon footprint. Engage with us and tell us what you think we can do to support you and our planet. Together we are working on a greener future.

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