Share any audio, video or data signals seamlessly between your preferred AV & IT equipment.

Cables you can rely on

What makes our AV & IT connections unique?

At PROCAB we believe in connections you can rely on. That is why we guarantee an optimal signal transmission that lets you focus on new AV solutions that are to come.


Since we are convinced of the lifespan of our connections, we have developed an extensive warranty policy to create the best possible relationship with our partners.


By carrying out extensive tests on our wide range of cables, we are confident that you can leave the installation with great trust and avoid any connection servicing.


We certify our connections with the highest quality standards, enabling us to exceed any safety regulation into the market.

What solutions do we provide?

Our incredibly diverse product portfolio in AV & IT solutions enables us to respond to specific connectivity needs.

Reliable data cables

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Fast, reliable & consistent data speeds

Unmatched performance

Great durability

Extensive range

Patch your way to the future

Top of the line data transmission.

Every day we push ourselves to provide you with faster, more convenient and extremely reliable data transmissions for a wide range of applications.

PROCAB - Top of the line data transmission

Future ready video cables

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Top of the line connectors

Optimal signal transmission

Future ready

Multiple lengths

Turn what you love in 8K

Ready for the next generation

Display your video content at the highest quality. At PROCAB we develop innovative video solutions that eliminates any possibility of electronic interference yet guarantees you an optimal signal transmission.

PROCAB - Ready for the next generation

Professional audio cables

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Quality in every detail

Recognized certification

Fire safety

Comprehensive range

Create safe environments

EN50575 CPR compliant cables

The construction products regulation (CPR) is an EU regulation for installation cables, classifying cables based on their fire performance. It is aimed to improve fire safety in buildings. In case of fire the biggest danger is the toxic smoke. Since buildings are filled with cabling, the risk of spreading fire is very big.

Additional protection against:

Smoke concentration

The CPR approved PROCAB cables are tailor made to minimize any hazardous smoke.

Burning droplets

By designing a flame retardant outer jacket we can provide an optimal resistance to spreading fire.

Acidity of smoke

Improved cable properties ensure we can minimize any toxic smoke.