Rental & MI

We develop sustainable rental & MI solutions which can withstand the harshest use and abuse any rental or mobile application can throw at them.

Cables you can rely on

What makes our rental solutions unique?

Our rental & MI solutions are focused on offering durable first class quality connections for intensive use.

Unmatched performance

Our solutions are designed to perform supremely in the most demanding situations.

Infinite flexibility

We develop flexible cables that excel in their intensive treatment without losing any connection quality and by remaining flat at any time.

A great user experience

We think from the needs of a mobile user, enabling us to provide you with the best user experience and satisfaction in mind.

What solutions do we provide?

Our incredibly diverse product portfolio in AV & IT solutions enables us to respond to specific connectivity needs.

Easy and fast installation

All-in-one solution

Custom installations


All in one solution

Combine multiple cables cores in one single cable.

Every day we push ourselves to provide you with faster, more convenient and extremely reliable data transmissions for a wide range of applications.

PROCAB - Top of the line data transmission

User friendly cable reels & Multi stage blocks

Discover our extensive range

(un)wind your cable in seconds

Easily store your cables

Ensure maximum protection

Superior quality cable reel.

Cable storage made easy.

Safely wind and carry long distances of cables with these sturdy cable drums. The high impact construction and the convenience of the reel ensure that they can be used in the most harsh circumstances and extreme outdoor weather conditions.

PROCAB - Cable storage made easy