SVGA RGBVH cable - flex 0.14 mm² - 26 AWG - super flexible

The SVGA52 is a high-end video cable for all high resolution video interconnects. It contains 5 shielded coax cables, all with solid tin plated copper conductors, foamed polyethylene dielectric and braided shielding and an extra overall Aluminium foil shielding with a drain wire for optimum shielding. The coax cables feature a high velocity of propagation and minimal return loss to ensure quality signal delivery on longer connections. The outer jacket is made of special hardened PVC with a flexible core. This ensures a very smooth outer surface, to make the cable slide easily inside electrical tubes. The flexible core maintains the flexibility of the cable. Compatible with Neutrik BNC connector NBTC75BSS5.

Inner Conductors



Available now

  • SVGA52/1 - 100 meter
  • SVGA52/3 - 300 meter


  • 26 AWG stranded coaxial
  • 5 x coaxial (RGBHV)
  • Braided individual & Al-foil overall shielding
  • Solid outer jacket (easy pulling)

Cross section

  • Cross section SVGA52 - SVGA RGBVH cable - flex 0.14 mm² - 26 AWG - super flexible

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Meter indicator

Convenient indication on every meter of cable.

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