SVHS cable -flex 0.14 mm² - AWG 26
Bulk & Accessories
  • 2 x coaxial
  • 26 AWG 75 Ohm stranded coaxial
  • Braided individual shielding
Impedance 75 Ohm Meter Indicator
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The SVHS10 is a high quality S-VHS cable with internal 2 shielded coax cables to carry luminance and chrominance signals and is ideal for all quality S-VHS interconnects. The 7-strand bare copper conductors of the coax cables ensure a good flexibility of the cable while the twisted tinned copper shielding provides a good shielding from external electrical noise.

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SVHS10/1 100 meter


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Cable properties

Tinned copper braiding

Tinned copper braid shielding provides superior physical protection, while maintaining good flexibility and flex life. These shields are the ideal choice for minimizing interference and have lower dc resistance than foil. The tin plating also adds to the copper in the cable as it not only helps to boost the copper’s properties, it also helps the wire to last much longer and counter acts against oxidation.

75 Ohm

Coax cables with a 75Ω impedance are highly suitable for transmitting video signals. The cables have an advantage in flexibility and low loss characteristics.

Meter indicator

For ease of installation these bulk cables are provided with an indication on every meter of the cable. This enables installers to have a clear and efficient indication of how many meters they still have available on their reel.

Stranded tinned Copper

Tin is a useful plating for copper because it not only helps to boost copper’s properties, it also helps the wire to last much longer and counter acts against oxidation. Tin also helps to strengthen the copper wire, making it more resilient to breakage or lost connections, at the same time boosting the coppers conductivity.


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