Loudspeaker cable - 4 x 4 mm² - 11 AWG - EN50399 CPR Euroclass Cca-s1b,d0,a1
Contractor Series
  • 11 AWG (4 mm²) thin and dense stranded conductors
  • EN50399 CPR Euroclass Cca-s1b,d0,a1
  • Class 5 IEC 60228 compliant
Meter Indicator
Made in Europe
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The CLS440-Cca is a 4-core installation loudspeaker cable compliant to the Cca standard of the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) regarding fire and flammability resistance in fixed installations, minimizing toxic smokes and providing optimal resistance to spreading fire.

In addition to its outstanding fire properties, the outer jacket of the cabling is smooth and durable for easy installation and pulling. The cable consists of individually polyolefin isolated conductors with a section of 4 x 4.0 mm² (11 AWG) which are composed out of stranded bare copper wires. The stranding keeps the cable flexible and easy to handle. The cable can be used both indoor and outdoor or in humid environments.

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Product variants

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CLS440-CCA/3 300 m wooden reel


Product features

Application AV & IT
Series Contractor Series

Physical characteristics

Type of cable 4-core loudspeaker cable
EN50399 CPR Euroclass Cca-s1b,d0,a1
Inner conductor Material BC 48 x 0.31 mm (Ø) (OFC)
Section 0.0062 “²
Number of conductors 4
Insulation Material Polyolefin 4 mm (Ø)
Filling None
Separator None
Inner conductor American Wire Gauge 11 AWG
Insulation Colours Black / Red / Blue / Yellow
Conductor twisting Yes
Outer jacket Material Polyolefin 11.8 mm (Ø)
Colours Black

Standards and regulations

RoHS2 compliant According EU Directive 2011/65/EU
Reach compliant According EC 1907/2006
CPR Euroclass Cca-s1b,d0,a1
Flammability test According EN 60332-1-2
Indoor / outdoor UV resistant (UL1581, UVA, 720 h)
Smoke emissions According IEC 61034
Zero halogen compounds According EN 50267-2-1
IEC 60754

Mechanical characteristics

Temperature range Mobile installation - 41 °F till + 176 °F
Fixed installation - 59 °F till + 176 °F
UV resistant Yes

Electrical characteristics

Max. conductor DC resistance 4.95 (Ω / Km)
Dielectric strength 2 (KV / 1 min. DC)
Rated voltage 500 V

Cross section


Cable properties

Meter indicator

For ease of installation these bulk cables are provided with an indication on every meter of the cable. This enables installers to have a clear and efficient indication of how many meters they still have available on their reel.


LSHF stands for Low Smoke, Halogen Free. This term refers to Halogen free flame retardant thermoplastic material used as a sheathing compound in cables. In the event of a fire or when exposed to high levels of heat, the chemicals in the jacket removes heat from the flame, whilst the reaction produces water as a by-product to help quench the flame.  As a result, the cable will emit very low levels of smoke, and non-toxic levels of poisonous halogen gasses.


Whenever class B2ca cable is not necessary, class Cca cables provides great fire safety at a reduced cost. Check your local norms to determine where class Cca cable can be used.


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