Schuko power male & 2 x XLR female - euro power female & 2 x XLR male - 3 x 1.5 mm²
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The CAB405 is a cable that combines power and balanced audio signals in just one wire to maximize the convenience of a mobile installation. The cable is provided with a schuko power male & 2x XLR female connectors on one side and a Euro power connector & 2x XLR male connectors on the other side. The inner power cable contains 3 conductors with a section of 1.5 mm².

Product variants

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CAB405/20 20 meter


CAB405/5 5 meter There is no successor for this product
CAB405/10 10 meter There is no successor for this product
CAB405/15 15 meter There is no successor for this product


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