Power cable - H07RN-F 5G2.5 - 5 x 2.5 mm² - 13 AWG

The H07RN-F3G1.5, H07RN-F3G2.5 and H07RN-F5G2.5 are high quality standard H07RN-F power cables for indoor and outdoor, fixed or mobile use. The cables are made of 3 (H07RN-F3...) or 5(H07RN-F5...) soft Neoprene insulated conductors, with a diameter of 3 mm (...G1.5) or 3.5 mm (...G2.5). Packed in a highly flexible Neoprene outer jacket of respectively 9 mm , 11mm and 14 mm. These cables are resistant to flame, acids, and oil penetration. They can work under all weather and ambient conditions. This offers you a cable that can be used in a wide variety of applications

Inner Conductors


Available now

  • H07RN-F5G2.5/1 - 100 meter


  • Stranded conductors
  • Flexible rubber outer jacket
  • Suitable for extreme in- & outdoor use
Physical Characteristics
Type of cable 5G2.5 neoprene power cable
Inner conductor Material BC 48 x 0.254 mm (Ø) (OFC)
Section 0.0039 “²
American Wire Gauge 13 AWG
Number of conductors 5
Insulation Material PVC 3.5 mm (Ø)
Colours Black / Red / Blue / Brown / Yellow & Green
Outer jacket Material Neoprene 14 mm (Ø)
Colours Black
Electrical Characteristics
Lead resistance 0.66 Ω / 100 m
Max. current 20 Amp
Max. operation voltage 450 V

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