Professional cable reel Ø 380x 196 mm
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The CDM380 is a cable reel designed for intensive and professional use constructed using lightweight, extremely strong and impact resistant materials. The frame construction is made of polycarbonate (PC) materials while the drum is made of impact resistant polyethylene (PE).   The lightweight construction in combination with the ergonomic grip allows easy carriage for mobile applications. The front side is fitted with an external cable winder allowing easy and clean winding of a patch tail, which can be replaced by a variation of optional center plates with different connector cutouts. (depending on the application).   The drum dimension of Ø380 mm allows winding of a standard microphone cable (Ø6.5mm) up to 300 meters.


Product features

Dimensions 14.96 x 19.17 x 9.21 " (W x H x D)
Drum Inner diameter 9.055 " (Ø)
Outer diameter 14.96 " (Ø)
Depth 7.72 "
Weight 8.82 lb
Construction Impact resistant plastic drum
Sturdy polycarbonate frame
Application null
Series null


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