Networking cable - CAT6 - U/UTP - flex 0.22 mm² - 24 AWG - HighFlex™

The BCT60U is a CAT6 networking cable featuring a Highflex™ outer jacket which is specifically designed for professional use in highly demanding applications.The conductor section of the BCT60U consists of 4 twisted pairs with stranded copper 24 AWG conductors with a polyethylene ‘+’ shaped separator in between. Thanks to this separator, better performance in terms of crosstalk and system noise can be achieved resulting in a higher bandwidth.The combination with hard and solid inner jacket materials and soft outer jacket materials provides great flexibility with a solid touch. Even after numerous times of winding and unwinding.Supports 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T and 10GBase-T gigabit.

Inner Conductors


Available now

  • BCT60U/1 - 100 m wooden reel
  • BCT60U/3 - 300 m wooden reel


  • 24 AWG thin and dense stranded conductors
  • Highflex™ solid & flexible jacket
  • 0.32 " (Ø) outer diameter

Cross section

  • Cross section BCT60U - Networking cable - CAT6 - U/UTP - flex 0.22 mm² - 24 AWG - HighFlex™
Physical Characteristics
Type of cable U/UTP CAT6 Networking cable
Inner conductor Material BC 7 x 0.2 mm (Ø) (OFC)
Section 0.00034 “²
American Wire Gauge 24 AWG
Number of conductors 8 (4 pairs)
Insulation Material HDPE 0.040 " (Ø)
Colours Green / White & Green ; Blue / White & Blue ; Orange / White & Orange ; Brown / White & Brown
Audio Conductor twisting Lay length ≤ 30 mm
Separator Cross web Filling (PE)
Inner jacket Material Durable PVC 6.6 mm (Ø)
Outer jacket Material Flexible PVC 8.2 mm (Ø)
Colours Black
Electrical Characteristics
Dielectric strength 1.5 (KV / 1 min. DC)
Max. Delay / Skew 45 (ns / 3937.0079 ")
Nom. Velocity of propagation 65 %
Characteristic impedance 100 Ω ± 15 Ω
Max. conductor DC resistance 140 (Ω / Km)
DC resistance unbalanced 5 %
Nom. mutual capacitance ≤ 5.6 (nF / 100 m)
Pair to ground capacitance unbalance ≤ 330 (nF / 100 m)

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Self-extinguishing properties when exposed to a small flame.

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Meter indicator

Convenient indication on every meter of cable.

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A smooth and safe touch with extra physical protection.

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A nearly perfect rolling and unrolling experience.

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The perfect performance upgrade to replace any CAT5 cable.

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