Schuko power male & XLR female - euro power female & XLR male - 3 x 1.0 mm²

PROCAB's REF400 combines power and signal in one cable, being the perfect solution when you need power and audio-signal at one place like for active loudspeakers. The main advantage of the REF400 is that when the cable is plugged in the speaker, the unique tension release cable-loop makes sure there will be no pulling force on the connectors. While other cables are plugged in, all the pulling force comes to the connector which can cause cable damage. This is not the case with the REF400 because when the cable is hanging down when it is plugged in the tension release cable-loop that is attached to the speaker, it will absorb the pulling-force and there will be no force on the connector.


Available now

  • REF400/15 - 15 meter
  • REF400/15-H - 15 meter - hanger
  • REF400/20 - 20 meter
  • REF400/20-H - 20 meter - hanger


  • REF400/5 - 5 meter
    There is no successor for this product
  • REF400/5-H - 5 meter - hanger
    There is no successor for this product
  • REF400/10-H - 10 meter - hanger
    There is no successor for this product


Same connectivity

Gold plated

Avoids oxidation and maintains performance for years to come.

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