Sample pack CHD124

1 meter sample pack of the CHD124 which is a is an high speed HDMI cable with Ethernet, designed for on-site termination with HDM19 connectors. It features a Flamoflex™ outer jacket compliant to the IEC 60332-1 standard regarding fire and flammability resistance in public installations. The Flamoflex™ material is specifically designed with installers convenience in mind, offering a smooth and durable outer jacket for easy installation and pulling. The conductor section of the CHD124 consists of 5 individually shielded pairs with solid 24 AWG conductors for transferring both video and Ethernet data. An additional 26 AWG pair and two separate 26 AWG conductors are used for synchronization between transmitter and receiver. This entire section is additionally covered with a double shielding consisting of an overall aluminum foil surrounded by a braiding. The triple shielding offers a high immunity against noise and interference caused by external devices. Using the CHD124, high definition video (1080p) can be transferred over distances up to 20 meters. Compatible with PROCAB connector HDM19.

Inner Conductors


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