DMX adapter - 5-pin XLR male - 3-pin XLR female - HighFlex™

The PLP155 is a 110 Ohm DMX-AES 5-pin (male) to 3-pin (female) adapter cable, fitted with Neutrik XLR connectors and constructed using PMX222 cable.Some DMX controllers or lighting fixtures feature 5-pin connections, while others are fitted with 3-pin connections. This might cause troubles when the connectors and wiring of your entire system is not matching and the deadline of your production is approaching. Because of this, procab designed the PLP150 and PLP155 adapters. The Neutrik connections in combination with Prime quality cabling guarantees a lifetime service life, while the short cable avoids tension and damage to the connections of your precious equipment. These adapter cables are true problem-solvers and a must for any production company of lighting engineers’ toolbox.


Available now

  • PLP155/0.25 - 0.25 meter


  • 22 AWG stranded conductors
  • Highflex™ solid & flexible jacket
  • 6.5 mm (Ø) outer diameter
  • Oxygen free copper
  • 60 mm transparent shrink sleeve
  • Silver contacts, black metal XLR housing


Wiring diagram

  • Wiring diagram PLP155 - DMX adapter - 5-pin XLR male - 3-pin XLR female - HighFlex™


Easily tag your cables without disconnecting them.

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A nearly perfect rolling and unrolling experience.

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Trustworthy connectors that can withstand the harshest use.

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Silver contacts

The highest conductivity with a low contact resistance.

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