Multi stage block - 20 x XLR female & 4 x XLR male - 4 x XLR female & 20 x XLR male


Replaced by MSB120.4/X

PROCAB multi stageblocks are made of solid metal. In the audio recording and entertainment fields, the stageblocks with 16 or 24 XLR connectors are common but PROCAB also offers smaller versions with 8 or 12 XLR connectors and also the one bigger version with 40 XLR connectors. Every stage block comes supplied with the necessary connectors and a fitted bag. The MSB20.4 features 20 female XLR and 4 male XLR connectors without a cable. The MSB20.4/30 has a 30 meter cable with 12 male XLR and 4 female XLR connectors.



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