Cable reel - XLR & powerCON - XLR male & IEC

The CRX602 is a solid and sturdy constructed cable reel of highly flexible combination cable (PAC400), consisting of a balanced microphone section in one outer jacket with a 3G1 power section. The cable side is equipped with an IEC power and a Neutrik male XLR connector. On the chassis side both a male and female Neutrik XLR connector are provided as well as a Neutrik powercon in and output connector, enabling link-through. Chassis: 1 NC3MDLX XLR Male 1 NC3FDLX XLR Female 1 NAC3MPA blue powercon 1 NAC3MPB Grey Powercon Cable: Molded IEC Female 1 NC3MXX XLR Male


Available now

  • CRX602/25 - 25 meter


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