Midi cable - DIN 5 -DIN 5

The CAM400 features a standard 5-DIN connector with a molded shell on both ends. specially designed for use with the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) communication system. Applications include the latest MIDI patch bays, and interconnection between MIDI equipment and MIDI served musical instruments. It comes in lengths of 0.5 meters to 10 meters, providing solutions for all applications.


Available now

  • CAM400/0.5 - 0,5 meter
  • CAM400/1 - 1 meter
  • CAM400/1.5 - 1,5 meter
  • CAM400/3 - 3 meter
  • CAM400/5 - 5 meter
  • CAM400/10 - 10 meter

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