6.3 mm Jack male mono - 6.3 mm Jack male mono - for guitar
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The PROCAB’s guitar and instrument cables are the result of careful consideration of the various application situations and our many years of professional design and manufacturing experience. The ten utilized high purity Oxygen Free Copper conductors are each wrapped with a SilkFiber® dielectric to optimize the flexibility, the use of ten separate conductors in a SilkFiber® multiwiring will give you a very detailed high and smooth mid range sound, while the use of the bigger section guarantees a tight and articulated bottom. The Medium Density PE insulation ensures you a minimum of capacity load for better performance in the high-frequency roll-off The First shield, made of a high quality carbon conductive PVC, reduces the microphonic of the cable and eliminates triboelectric and mechanical noise. The second shielding parallel spiral conductor geometry design minimizes strand interaction and will give you the maximal cable flexibility and the best shield effect for outstanding electric The outer jacket is extruded in 2 phases to ensure a maximum smoothness of the outer surface. Using a high performance PVC for this outer jacket ensures you the best flexibility and abrasion resistance of the product. 24 Carat Gold contact surface on the Connectors will ensure you a maximum conductivity and a lower corrosion resistance.

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REF650/3-H 3 meter - hanger


REF650/5-H 5 meter - hanger There is no successor for this product
REF650/10 10 meter There is no successor for this product
REF650/10-H 10 meter - hanger There is no successor for this product


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Gold plated

The connectors that are fitted with gold plated contacts have the advantage of preventing oxidation and maintain performance after years of use. Another great property of gold is that it is an excellent electrical conductor. For comparison, if pure copper has a relative conductivity of 100 then gold is only 31% lower than copper, while nickel is 76% lower than copper.



  • RMC650

    RMC650 instrument cable


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