Discontinuedloudspeaker cable - 4-pin speakON - HighFlex™
Replaced by PRA524
Rental & MI
Prime Series
  • Highflex™ solid & flexible jacket
  • 4 conductors for 2-channel loudspeaker connection
  • 0.43 " (Ø) outer diameter
  • Oxygen free copper
  • 60 mm transparent shrink sleeve
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The PRA504 is a high quality loudspeaker cable constructed using the PLS425 cable and fitted with two Neutrik 4-pin speakON (NL4FX) connectors. The cable consists of four 2.5 mm² (13 AWG) conductors composed with 224 copper strands of 0.12 mm thickness. The combination of thin and dense strands with high purity copper and the flexible and solid PVC outer jacket makes it the perfect cable for various kinds of applications. The smooth outer jacket provides great ease of installation for fixed systems while having perfect rolling & unrolling performance for highly demanding mobile applications. An attached shrink sleeve allows custom labeling for easy identification. The cable comes in different lengths from 1.5 meters to 20 meters.

Product variants


PRA504/1.5 1.5 meter Replaced by PRA524
PRA504/3 3 meter Replaced by PRA524
PRA504/5 5 meter Replaced by PRA524
PRA504/10 10 meter Replaced by PRA524
PRA504/15 15 meter Replaced by PRA524
PRA504/20 20 meter Replaced by PRA524


Product features

Application Rental & MI
Series Prime Series

Physical characteristics

Type of cable 4-core loudspeaker cable
Inner conductor Material BC 224 x 0.12 mm (Ø) (OFC)
Section 0.0039 “²
Insulation Material PVC 3.2 mm (Ø)
Colours Black / Red / Blue / Yellow
Number of conductors 4
American Wire Gauge 13 AWG
Fitted connectors 2 x Neutrik NL4FX
Outer jacket Material Durable PVC 11 mm (Ø)
Colours Black
Connection type SpeakON Female to Female

Mechanical characteristics

Temperature range Fixed installation - 68 °F till + 158 °F
Mobile installation - 41 °F till + 158 °F
Bending radius Fixed installation 5 x outer diameter
Mobile installation 10 x outer diameter

Electrical characteristics

Lead resistance 0.8 Ω / 100 m

Wiring diagrams


Cable properties


Neutrik is an international corporation with about 40 years of know-how and experience in the manufacture of innovative electrical and electronic interconnection products and systems.


Shrink sleeves are meant to protect company logo’s or cable tags, they are factory installed for the purpose of placing a cable tag without the need to detach the connector. The heat shrink tubing can be easily shrunk by means of a heat gun. The sleeves are not lined with glue and have a length of 60mm. To achieve the most optimal care for your cable connection the sleeve is best to be placed 30 cm from the connector.


The flexible and solid PVC outer jacket makes it the perfect cable for many kinds of applications. The smooth outer jacket provides great and easy pulling capabilities to guide the cable through a truss or around a corner while still offering perfect rolling and unrolling performance for highly demanding mobile applications.




  • NL4FX

    4 pole cable connector, chuck type strain relief


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