Slimline networking cable - CAT6A RJ45 - RJ45 U/UTP
Connect Series
  • Ultra slim Ø 3.2 mm diameter
  • PoE tested and approved (IEEE 802.3 af)
  • LSHF jacket
  • Tested up to 500 Mhz
  • Thin, flexible and smooth cable jacket
  • Time and space saving in rack applications
  • Better airflow due to slim design
  • Snagless & compact connector
  • Multicoloured cables
Gold Plated
CAT6 500 MHz
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The CSD560 series is a series of Ultra-slim CAT6A U/UTP cables, which come available in a wide variety of lengths and colours. They offer reliable interconnections in various applications, ranging from general-purpose office computer systems to digital AV network systems. The ultra-slim construction with an outer diameter of only Ø 3.2 mm offers an elegant solution for office patch usage while guaranteeing the best possible space saving and airflow in rack applications. The compact and snagless connector design and numerous variants and colours offer reliable connections and a clear overview when wiring racks for various applications or protocols.

Product variants


CSD560GY/0.15 Grey version - 0.15 meter
CSD560GY/0.3 Grey version - 0.3 meter
CSD560GY/0.5 Grey version - 0.5 meter
CSD560GY/1 Grey version - 1 meter
CSD560GY/1.5 Grey version - 1.5 meter
CSD560GY/2 Grey version - 2 meter
CSD560OR/0.15 Orange version - 0.15 meter
CSD560OR/0.3 Orange version - 0.3 meter
CSD560OR/0.5 Orange version - 0.5 meter
CSD560OR/1 Orange version - 1 meter
CSD560OR/1.5 Orange version - 1.5 meter
CSD560OR/2 Orange version - 2 meter
CSD560V/0.15 Violet version - 0.15 meter
CSD560V/0.3 Violet version - 0.3 meter
CSD560V/0.5 Violet version - 0.5 meter
CSD560V/1 Violet version - 1 meter
CSD560V/1.5 Violet version - 1.5 meter
CSD560V/2 Violet version - 2 meter

Available now

CSD560B/0.15 Black version - 0.15 meter
CSD560B/0.3 Black version - 0.3 meter
CSD560B/0.5 Black version - 0.5 meter
CSD560B/1 Black version - 1 meter
CSD560B/1.5 Black version - 1.5 meter
CSD560B/2 Black version - 2 meter
CSD560B/3 Black version - 3 meter
CSD560B/5 Black version - 5 meter
CSD560BU/0.15 Blue version - 0.15 meter
CSD560BU/0.3 Blue version - 0.3 meter
CSD560BU/0.5 Blue version - 0.5 meter
CSD560BU/1 Blue version - 1 meter
CSD560BU/1.5 Blue version - 1.5 meter
CSD560BU/2 Blue version - 2 meter
CSD560G/0.15 Green version - 0.15 meter
CSD560G/0.3 Green version - 0.3 meter
CSD560G/0.5 Green version - 0.5 meter
CSD560G/1 Green version - 1 meter
CSD560G/1.5 Green version - 1.5 meter
CSD560G/2 Green version - 2 meter
CSD560R/0.15 Red version - 0.15 meter
CSD560R/0.3 Red version - 0.3 meter
CSD560R/0.5 Red version - 0.5 meter
CSD560R/1 Red version - 1 meter
CSD560R/1.5 Red version - 1.5 meter
CSD560R/2 Red version - 2 meter
CSD560W/0.15 White version - 0.15 meter
CSD560W/0.3 White version - 0.3 meter
CSD560W/0.5 White version - 0.5 meter
CSD560W/1 White version - 1 meter
CSD560W/1.5 White version - 1.5 meter
CSD560W/2 White version - 2 meter
CSD560Y/0.15 Yellow version - 0.15 meter
CSD560Y/0.3 Yellow version - 0.3 meter
CSD560Y/0.5 Yellow version - 0.5 meter
CSD560Y/1 Yellow version - 1 meter
CSD560Y/1.5 Yellow version - 1.5 meter
CSD560Y/2 Yellow version - 2 meter


Product features

Application AV & IT
Series Connect Series

Physical characteristics

Type of cable U/UTP CAT6A Networking cable
Outer jacket Material LSHF 3.2 mm (Ø)
Colours Black
Connection type RJ45 male to RJ45 male


Cable properties

Gold plated

The connectors that are fitted with gold plated contacts have the advantage of preventing oxidation and maintain performance after years of use. Another great property of gold is that it is an excellent electrical conductor. For comparison, if pure copper has a relative conductivity of 100 then gold is only 31% lower than copper, while nickel is 76% lower than copper.


LSHF stands for Low Smoke, Halogen Free. This term refers to Halogen free flame retardant thermoplastic material used as a sheathing compound in cables. In the event of a fire or when exposed to high levels of heat, the chemicals in the jacket removes heat from the flame, whilst the reaction produces water as a by-product to help quench the flame.  As a result, the cable will emit very low levels of smoke, and non-toxic levels of poisonous halogen gasses.


CAT6A can handle a 10 gigabit network (10000Mbps at 500Mhz). This cable can bridge distances up to 100 meters.


The ultra-slim construction offers an elegant solution for office patch usage, while guaranteeing the best possible space saving and airflow in rack applications.


The cables carrying this logo have several possibilities in the choice of colour for the outer jacket color. Having several colours available can be a real advantage when it comes to wiring your rack with several similar cables, whilst still providing a clear overview of your connections. But also for esthetic purposes, PROCAB offers its users the choice between a wide range of colours.


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