Loudspeaker cable - 2 x 2.5 mm² - 13 AWG - CCA
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  • CCA conductors
  • 13 AWG thin and dense stranded conductors
  • Color coded polarity identification
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The ALS Series cables are parallel designed loudspeaker cables, based on CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum). This is a technology where an outer sleeve of copper is bonded to a solid aluminum core. The result is a cable with characteristics lying between those of copper cables and bare aluminum cables. It combines the advantages from two sides, such as solderability, lower weight and lower material cost than bare copper with the higher conductivity and higher strength than pure aluminum. The cable composition is made of 85% aluminum with 15% copper, this is combined with a highly flexible jacket made of PVC with polarity indication.

Product variants

Available now

ALS25/1 100 meter
ALS25/5 500 meter


Product features

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Physical characteristics

Outer jacket Material Flexible PVC 3.6 x 7.4 mm (Ø)
Colours Black / Red
Inner conductor Material CCA 49 x 0.25 mm (Ø)
Type of cable 2-core loudspeaker cable
Inner conductor Section 0.0039 “²
American Wire Gauge 13 AWG
Number of conductors 2

Mechanical characteristics

Temperature range Fixed installation - 104 °F till + 176 °F
Mobile installation - 77 °F till + 158 °F
Bending radius Fixed installation 8 x outer diameter
Mobile installation 10 x outer diameter

Electrical characteristics

Lead resistance 1.12 Ω / 100 m

Cross section


Cable properties

Stranded copper clad aluminum

Copper clad aluminum allows cables to utilize all of the benefits that copper has to offer, while maintaining a much more affordable price tag. CCA is made by bonding a layer of pure copper onto an aluminum core. A CCA core cable obviously contains less copper than a pure copper cable, but it delivers virtually the same conductivity with only slightly higher resistance.


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