Pre-made open ended contractor cable

The PROCAB HDM100 cable is a premade contractor cable with one connector already attached, and separate connector included to attach to the other end. This way installing HDMI is even more easy. Each bag contains a length of PROCAB HDM24 or 28-cable with one connector already attached, and one unattached connector (connector, cable holders & metal shell)


Available now

  • HDM100/10 - 10 meters - awg24
  • HDM100/15 - 15 meters - awg24
  • HDM100/20 - 20 meters - awg24
  • HDM100/4 - 4 meters - awg28
  • HDM100/6 - 6 meters - awg28
  • HDM100/8 - 8 meters - awg26
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