03 July 2017

Welcome to our new online platform!

All your cable needs in one convenient location.

Have you ever had trouble finding the right cable to suit your equipment or determine it can be difficult to truly understand the differences between all the types of inner conductors? The Belgium cable manufacturer PROCAB released a brand- new online platform which provides a solution for these common issues.

PROCAB has dedicated the last 20 years to pursuing the latest high-tech products and providing its users with cutting-edge innovations. What better way to celebrate than with the launch of a completely redesigned and improved online platform.

Over these past years users have seen the product range grow to over 4000 different products, divided over multiple series.  This is exactly why PROCAB developed this online platform with ease of use in mind. All the cables are divided into different product groups that corresponds to a specific industry branch. Providing the advantage that any AV-Integrator, rental company or person who is just looking to buy a cable for everyday use, only sees the products that are suited best for their use or industry.

The cable brand had also realized that there wasn’t a brand website available that thoroughly explained the difference between all types of AV cables and why you would choose for a cable with a specific conductor or shielding.

“It’s a sort of cable wiki” explains Tom Van de Sande marketing manager at PROCAB. “Thanks to the ‘cable properties’ section, for the first time you are able to discover what different kinds of shielding’s are suited for and how you would benefit by using them.

In the past, we have seen customers having a tough time selecting the right cable for the job or struggling to find a cable with desired connectors. That is why we have added an extensive filter on almost every page named the Cable Configurator.

The Cable configurator enables you to select any specification of a bulk cable or choose a connector on both ends so you would always find the right solution for the job. “

Staying up to date with new content becomes more important every day, that is why the product spec sheets are now automatically generated from the online platforms content system. Ensuring that you receive a product sheet containing the latest information. 

With this brand-new platform, PROCAB will end an era of misguided cable choices and pursue its new mission of supplying the users for certainly another 20 years of upcoming cable innovations.

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