Slimline cables

Ultra sleek data & video cables that offer unparalleled performance for your permanent setups while preserving an incredibly thin cable design.

Smart or slim cable management. Why not both?

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  • Networking/patch cables
  • HDMI video cables
  • UBS Type-C data & power cables
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Introducing up to 45% thinner cables

Why choose PROCAB Slimline?

These sleek data cables offer unparalleled performance for your permanent setups while preserving an incredibly thin cable design. Ranging from USB Type-C cables up to 5 meters long to CAT7 multi-colored patch cables for tidy rack installations, this unique collection encompasses more than just data cables. It also features video cables capable of handling up to 8K resolution.


Extra slim

Neat & clean
cable routing


Short cable

Save space
in your rack


A sustainable

The future of smart & slim cables

What Slimline solutions do we provide?

Our incredibly diverse product portfolio in AV & IT solutions enables us to respond to specific connectivity needs.

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Walking the path of sustainability

Innovatively crafted from sustainable TPE outer-jacket material. These cables prioritize recyclability, being more easily recycled than PVC counterparts. Halogen-free and low in toxicity, TPE ensures a safer and environmentally conscious choice. With lower energy consumption during production and a potential for biodegradability, PROCAB champions a greener future in cable technology.

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