Cables you can rely on

What we stand for

All the solutions PROCAB offers share one common goal: providing the most inspiring connections for tomorrow’s users.

Over the years, a highly specialized team of cabling and electronic engineers was assembled to assure that PROCAB remains at the forefront of innovation. This group of enthusiastic audiophiles dedicate their insight and relentless effort to satisfy anyone from the average home users to the most demanding professionals.

Procab - Cables you can rely on


Perfected for any application, the PROCAB audio cables are flexible, durable, and have high-quality hardware containing well-soldered connections. A reliable transfer is assured without significantly degrading the signal or introducing noise.


Video cables that can achieve the highest resolution over a great distance designed with the highest standards in mind.


Transfer your precious data with this range of cables for lightning control with DMX, exchange of digital audio signals through the AES protocol and MIDI cables for connection between musical instruments and controllers.


Whether you are working on a fixed system, preparing a stage or touring with a band, these durable power solutions are made to provide the correct power transitions of your professional equipment!


Explore an extensive range of audio, video and digital cabling with matching connectors that can be used for fixed installations as well as mobile applications.

Procab - Cables you can rely on


Procab’s innovating engineers provide the drive and insight our production facilities need to produce products for today’s every-expanding electronics market.

Our production facilities take great pride in the fact that all Procab cables are submitted to rigorous testing before the actual product launch. It is also very important for Procab that all manufactured cables comply with global and EU environmental regulations concerning hazardous substances.

Our value


Every PROCAB cable is comprehensively checked to ensure an optimal signal transmission.

Long term relationship

Since we believe in our cables, we have developed an extensive warranty policy to create the best possible relationship with our customers.


In less than 20 years, PROCAB has developed over 4.000 different products.

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Procab - worldwide
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