DMX AES/ EBU cable - XLR male - XLR female

The REF953 is a 110 Ohm DMX-AES/ EBU cable constructed using the DMX30 cable and fitted with 3-pin XLR connectors. The DMX30 is a cable for digital signal transmission with a characteristic impedance of 110 Ohm, consisting of two conductors with a section of 0.23 mm². Surrounded with an Aluminum foil and braiding, ensuring the best shielding of the cable, resulting in an excellent protection against interference of all kinds of electromagnetic fields, produced by dimmers, electric motors, power cables and many other electromagnetic interference sources. The premade cables come in different lengths ranging from 1.5 meters to 20 meters, providing solutions for all applications.


Available now

  • REF953/0.5-H - 0.5 meter - hanger
  • REF953/1-H - 1 meter - hanger
  • REF953/1.5-H - 1.5 meter - hanger
  • REF953/3-H - 3 meter - hanger
  • REF953/5-H - 5 meter - hanger
  • REF953/15 - 15 meter
  • REF953/15-H - 15 meter - hanger


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