Basic Series

Procab Basic series consists of a complete line containing all the standard cables that you will need in our installations. Thanks to its simplicity, our basic cable series has become very popular for all types of users.

BXD602 Basic Series

USB 2.0 Extender cable

Product information

The BXD602 is an active USB extender cable, allowing extension of the distance between a computer and USB device(s) to 12 meters. The cable is constructed using high quality raw materials with high purity oxigen free copper and flexible PVC. One side is terminated using a male USB type A connector, while the other end is fitted with an active extender housed small plastic enclosure with a female USB type A connector. Both ends feature an unique lockable mechanic design which securely links the male and female ends. It comes in a fixed length of 12 meters and a maximum of 5 extender cables can be chained together, resulting in a maximum distance up to 60 meters. Multi-platform support (Windows & Mac) and bus powered construction guarantees true plug & play operation.

Gold plated

Available Types

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  • BXD602/1212 METER

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