Exhibitions May 2017

03 May 2017

Exhibitions May 2017

We are most glad to announce our presence at more than one exhibition this month! Let our products surprise you once again, we will be represented in three different countries. PROCAB-partner Audio Sales will present a selection of our goods at the “Music Insider”-exhibition in Rimini, Italy. CUK Audio showcases the PROCAB product range at the “PLASA Focus” show in Leeds in the north of England. Thanks to our partner Starfelt, we do not have to disappoint any Swedish customers, we will be represented at the Elfack-exhibition in Gothenburg. We’d like to thank all our partners for enabling you to live the PROCAB-experience.

Music Insider Rimini      

7-9 May      Booth C7 Stand 126

PLASA focus

9-10 MayBooth N-B04


9-12 MayLLB Forum Booth 8

The PROCAB-team hopes to welcome at any of these exhibitions this month!